Hi, I'm Michelle:
Full Stack Developer

Hello World! I’m Michelle, a full stack web developer and software engineer currently in Portland, Oregon. Nothing excites me more than immersing myself in a good challenge or a great book. When not coding, I am most likely spending my time on some sort of creative project, getting involved in the local tech community, or exploring the world around me with my trusty Nikon camera.

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Too Many Details

  • Name:Michelle J Levine
  • Current City I Call Home:Portland, Oregon Area
  • Original Home Town:San Francisco / Bay Area, California
  • Job Title:Full Stack Developer
  • Hobbies:Reading,Photography, Painting, Gaming,Coding
  • Furthest I have been from home:7,581 Miles (Sydney, Australia)
  • Currently Reading:The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

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Coding in my Community

Women Who Code

Portland has an amazing tech community, full of people who have helped me grow in so many different ways.Women Who Code was the first group I got involved with when I moved to Portland. I am so excited that I am now a part of the leadership team working on Networking Nights and other events. Checkout upcoming events onMeetup.com and say "hi". You can read more about my experiences with WWC in thispost I wrote.

PDX Node

I recently started working as a co-organizer for thePDX Node meetup group. I'm working with the other organizers on both the demo and hack nights, to bring in speakers and otherwise make the events awesome.

Mentoring: Mentorship Saturday & Free Code Camp

Now that I have built up some experience in the field, I enjoy being able to take some time to help new developers that I meet. I have a great passion for sharing what I have learnt with others. I frequently mentor atMentorship Saturdays andFree Code CampMeetups, as well as more official relationships with junior developers.

Social Coding

Conferences and Hackathons I've Attended