Hi. My name is Michelle

Welcome to version 0.1.2 of my 2018 portfolio.


I’ve created way too many versions of my portfolio since I bought my first url in 2011, and none of them have lived more than maybe 8 months top. I’ve spent pretty much all of January thinking about what went wrong with all the past attempts. I spent time poking at different options before landing here. I spent a lot of January writing and then throwing out code as I tried out different things and decided they didn’t work the way I wanted.

This is still a very early version, but hopefully one that I can expand on.

Once I settled on using a static site generator, Hugo found it’s way to the top spot mostly because it doesn’t default to a blog setting like many of the other static site generators. Hugo gives more flexibility in how you want to build the site. That same flexibility that drew me to Hugo has been making development slower.

Using forestry.io as my CMS was crazy easy to set up, and that ease is more than making up for some of my struggles with Hugo. Forestry is managing my automation for me, by added webhooks to my git repo that allows me to create and publish a new build for my site simply by pushing to master!


Major Version: 0

This phase is mostly full of poking things to see what works and getting used to using Hugo for site development.


Working on adding new pages and continuing to add content. Much of this content was focused on the portfolio (coding) section.


Got another good chunk done by building and styling out the portfolio section. Will be adding more projects using Forestry once the structure updates are live. (As soon as I merge this bit). I am getting close to thinking about a major version bump. I need to work a little on the list pages still, and get my technologies category thing working, but I am getting close to version 1.0.0!


Made a nice jump when I got a CMS plugged in. Using forestry.io, which is providing me a CMS and is automating my deployment process. I am a little obsessed with how easy forestry actually is to set up. I originally planned to put the CMS and automation process off as long as possible because I expected it to be the most complicated part. Since I am most unfamiliar with deployment and devops things, it is the part that normally causes the most issues.

I also used Lighthouse in Chrome Dev Tools to run an audit on my site and made several smaller updates to improve my scores.


In this version I was mostly focused on the blog section. I wanted to get a blog list and individual posts set up. This version was worked on mostly using vim, as I was trying to learn how to use it better, (and vs code keeps crashing on my chromebook (linux side)).


Barely functional early draft. Site has basic mostly static pages. Some level of design has been implemented, and empty placeholder pages exist.