2018-03-24 | Projects Learning Now

This page is based on the now movement. Basically, this is a place to keep track a little bit of some of the things I am doing currently. In case anyone else is curious or something.

Last Updated: March 24, 2018

Work Things

Projects Outside of Work:

  1. Learning all I can about CSS Grid, and playing with it as much as possible. Working on putting all of this new knowledge into workshop form to be presented at Front End PDX in July!
  2. I joined Toastmasters this year! I’m currently working on the second project (which includes giving the same speech twice). I’ve given the first speech, so now I am editing it and practicing more so I am ready for the second presentation.
  3. Planning my wedding! I am getting married in early December, so that means wedding planning time.
  4. Setting up travel plans for a few conferences I have coming up. Will be going to the Women Who Code conference (Connect) in the Bay Area at the end of April, and then up to Seattle in early May for Microsoft Build!
  5. I’ve also recently decided that I want to learn Vim. So that has been a fun little project.