Modern Layouts: Getting Started in Flexbox and CSS Grid

2018-07-09 | Flexbox CSS Grid CSS

This was a really fun group to run this workshop with for a first round. There was a lot of discussion as we moved through the content and people trying new things and sharing with the group. I definitely got some really good feedback from the group for improving this talk/workshop moving forward!

Talk Description:
You’ve heard the terms “CSS Grid” and “Flexbox,” but you aren’t quite sure what they are. Or maybe you have started looking at them, but don’t know where to get started. Join me to get hands-on experience in building modern layouts using CSS Grid and Flexbox. Learn where we came from (hacks, floats, and more hacks) and where we are going. Discover how to use CSS Grid to create layouts that seemed impossible, how to handle users in older browsers, and about the power of Firefox debugging tools for grid.